Class in a glass
Class in a glass.

Wine and Brews Incorporated trading as Elixir is a quality wine, champagne and gift store which was established in 2015 by the Bhagat family.We are committed to selling and distributing the finest products of the highest value to our customers.

Elixir stocks and distributes a diverse range of brands sold in countries worldwide.We strive to become a major vintage and non-vintage wine source to the Zimbabwean market and to be recognized as the largest distributor across the globe. Our quest for quality begins with a selection of appreciated wines and champagnes and continues to grow into areas such as premium bulk wine contracts, fine art and other home and office artifacts.

Elixir appreciates the new generation of wine lovers and believes that wine should be selected, uncorked and enjoyed free of any mystique and pretense.We work with passion and dedication to reveal the enchanting aromas that lift flavour and open the heart to an emotional experience.

moet and chandon
laurent perrier
veuve clicquot
dom perignon
Oil on Canvas 60 X 60cm Paintings

City Scape

Interpretations may differ but when the artist put this together he was inspired by the ability of the human mind to construct a home for every proffession.

Masai Woman

Culture plays a pivotal role in society in this instance, the artist is celebrating the Masai culture in Kenya. He also extends his appreciation to the African woman.


Africa is the home to these animals. A connection to them is a connection to nature.

Man's best friend

The artist has loyalty in mind a dog will always remain loyal to its owner.


Out of the box thinking

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Phone: +263 77 987 8222